360 Interview Based Synthesis

I conduct six+ interviews to map development opportunities while performing thematic analysis of qualitative data with a special focus on key business challenges, team and cultural dynamics, and clients’ strengths and counterproductive behaviors.

What I deliver:

  • Laser-focused understanding of where to spend your time and energy

  • Invigorated relationships with your feedback providers

  • And feedback providers have a new understanding of how to give feedback

  • Concrete information to build upon your strengths to leverage your leadership

  • Clear, actionable feedback so as to know exactly how you get in your own way

  • Accelerated timeline to reaching your organization’s goals

What this includes:

  • Thorough intake and regular touchpoints to ensure team’s comfort and the project’s success

  • 6 1-hour interviews

  • Feedback organized by themes (with sub-themes) on strengths, counterproductive behaviors, challenges, team dynamics as well as thoughts on current performance and how to reach your next level

  • Debriefing the synthesis with your coach

Organization Clients


  • $1875-1675 (sliding scale)

  • $200 each additional interview