Change Management

What it is:

Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

I understand that every change is different. Whether you’re planning ahead for what’s to come, already in the midst of change gone awry or struggling to meet a more immediate timeline, I can tailor my services to meet you where you’re at.

You will have everything you need to drive those individual outcomes home. Once successful, I’ll analyze the results, show you how to reinforce the change, and celebrate right along with you!

Why it matters:

Innovation requires change. For this to happen, the data clearly shows that change management is an essential partner to project management by helping projects finish on-time and at budget.

What I deliver:

  • Assessment of all impacted stakeholders, including the sponsor

  • Customized leadership/sponsorship, communication, training, coaching and resistance management plans

  • On-going support for sponsors and people leaders which includes coaching, measuring results and reinforcing change initiatives

  • Affordable services. Organizational success should be accessible to all.

  • Optional: co-creating the change using Human Centered Design/Cooperative Inquiry as well as a 360 process to better assess and guide your leaders

In order to:

  • Get from your current state to your desired outcome

  • Get there on-time and at budget

  • Ensure that each team member is aware and responsive to the change you need to see for organizational success

  • Turn your most vocal dissenters into your biggest change advocates as well as how to retain your best employees during rocky transitions

  • Be prepared to effectively respond to additional pivots in the market

Organizational Clients:

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente: facilitated the election of co-leaders for a reorg of a hospital emergency room department while coordinating the system for synthesizing and presenting the feedback from employees while facilitating IBPS sessions to inform project plans. Worked side-by-side with labor co-leads to implement the changes.

Project Avary

Project Avary: Herb says it best.

“I hired Sarah to conduct an organizational survey, which she quickly completed. She used this information to implement deliverables based on survey input and best practices. These deliverables include leading rebranding efforts of collateral, creating systems for reporting key fundraising metrics, acting as an informed sounding board and developing strategies for both communications and fundraising. She's easy to relate to, prompt in providing analysis and formulating action plans, and effective in her communications with stakeholders, vendors, and potential supporters.”

Herb Castillo, Executive Director

SF Day Labor Program/Women’s Collective

SF Day Labor Program: Program co-design and implementation for On-the-Job-Coaches, Redesigning systems for Volunteer Management and Fundraising; Advised on best practices on sourcing, delegation, managing up and coaching; Continuously improved upon systems for documentation and project management.

Social Enterprise Alliance

Worked with Board President to enact new programs and services agreed upon by Board of Directors with a focus on systems for Volunteer Management and Fundraising.

“As a Board member of the Social Enterprise Alliance, I have worked with Sarah over the course of several years - on multiple projects. She has an amazing can do attitude, and actually does! Her understanding of people and what it takes to make things happen is almost instinctual. She is highly professional and fun to work with - always providing value. Her recruiting skills, project management skills and "people" skills in general are an asset to any organization. I look forward to working with Sarah on future projects!”

Derene Allen, Executive Director, Ignite Institute

Stimmel, Stimmel & Smith

Lee says it best: “Sarah stepped in at a strategic point in my business, supporting it through some complex changes. While training the new staff, she recommended and documented many business redesigns, including a fool-proof method for predicting cashflow as well as financial reporting. She exhibits proactive enthusiasm in meeting challenges and once on a project, sees it through to completion. Her ability to work with others is above average and I'm happy to recommend her skill set.”

Lee Stimmel, Owner


  • Starting at $4,500 for pre and post assessments as well as all plans.

  • Sponsor and leadership coaching at $75-100 hour (sliding scale).

  • I recommend at least 12 sessions over 6 months.

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