There are best practices while keeping in mind that every organization is different. Thus, I get to know how you work and help implement the most effective solution to maximize return on your organization’s resources while increasing the quality of work. Again, I'm not just recommending solutions. I stay with you to be sure implementation is smooth and sustainable.


Being realistic about goals is just as crucial as dreaming big. I provide detailed project management with one eye on slowly designing strong systems that allow your organization to ‘take off’ in a sustainable fashion. By delegating much of the program development, the organization will be primed to really take advantage of business development opportunities.  Staff and volunteers will show increased productivity as a result of organized workflows.  


  • Strategic planning and sustainable scaling by maximizing resources, monitoring scope creep, and consistently moving projects forward
  • Professional copywriter to lead the charge on aligning your mission with all promotional materials
  • Facilitate staff retreats to produce prioritized action plans and how to measure success
  • Systems thinking with an eye for patterns and possibilities
  • Fast attention to meeting triple-bottom line objectives for organizational success and positive community impact


  • Organize chaos into relative order with a focus on client input and best practices
  • A honed tolerance for ambiguity so that anxiety doesn’t run the show
  • Proponent of diversity and inclusion of ideas to ensure dynamic solutions
  • Integrity, honesty and confidentiality
  • Confidential sounding board that provides time and space to talk through challenges
  • Mindful of the duty your organization has to it employees, community, and clients
  • High energy level and positive attitude. I get it done fast and with a smile!


  • Co-creating and documenting internal procedures, workflows, and marketing materials for nonprofits, startups, social enterprises and small businesses
  • Extensive knowledge of tax and entity regulations for every type, and best practice on bookkeeping
  • Recruiting Business Development, HR, Office Manager, Software Developers, Account Managers, Freelancers and key volunteers for small businesses and nonprofits

See Client Testimonials for more information on how I can help your organization.