“She has an amazing can do attitude, and actually does! Her understanding of people and what it takes to make things happen is almost instinctual.”

~ Derene Allen, Executive Director, Ignite Institute

As an established business with detailed contracts and expert knowledge, I ensure full regulatory compliance while providing expertise assistance in making your problems solvable.

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Noyes Works: Offering expert yet affordable talent and change management so as to strengthen the social enterprise sector for all stakeholders.

  • Would you feel relieved to have a neutral third party to co-lead the charge on setting up your organization for success during change and transition?

  • Do you or your boss appear to repeat the same mistakes or struggle to keep teams on track?

  • Or are you searching for new employees but lack knowledge on best practice and/or the monetary resources to pay exorbitant recruiter commissions?

With degrees in Nonprofit Management and Organization Development, Prosci certified in Change Management, thirteen years of Organization Development Experience, and 4000+ hours of change management experience -- as well as boundless passion to support the workplace  -- I’m confident in my ability to assess opportunities and collaborate on plans for meeting your team’s goals.